Tile mural sponsored by Embraport inaugurated in Santos

The formal inauguration of a 452-square foot tile mural paying tribute to the 250th birthday of Jose Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva, a patriarch of the Santos independence (1763-1838), took place this Thursday, July 31, in the presence of the Mayor of Santos, Paulo Alexandre Barbosa, as well as other authorities and company representatives.

The mural of 452 square feet painted by hand by Santos-native artist Ademir Costa has 1,050 tiles measuring approximately 3 square inches. The work portrays the role of the Andradas colonizers in the city’s territorial and national definition and the patriarch’s participation in historical events, and also highlights the date when the emancipation of Santos is celebrated (February 26, 1839). The work also pays tribute to the city’s port area, one of Brazil’s doorways into the world.